Group Training each 'session' is one hour.
No assessments are done. This is strictly a workout customized for your group. You choose what type a workout you want, e.g. Bootcamp, Cardio,Fitness Boxing, Fitness Kickboxing, Stability Ball, Muscle Work, Yoga, etc.

# of People # of Sessions Total Price per person
One 5 $250.00
  10 $450.00
  15 $600.00
Two 5 $200.00
  10   $350.00
  15 $45.00
Three $175.00
  10 $300.00
  15 $375.00
Four 5 $150.00
  10 $250.00
  15 $300.00

  Sessions must be paid in advance to ensure confirmation of scheduled times and dates. All cancellations made by you less than two business days prior to the date of your scheduled training session, will result in the full session fee being charged. This policy is in effect to encourage commitment to your fitness program; I apologize for any inconvenience; please take care in choosing times and dates when booking your sessions.